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As you know, we had a hard freeze the first week of January. We’ve been touring orchards and answering questions. We want to take this opportunity to share with everyone our thoughts, observations and provide “grower to grower” feedback. Joining in on this conversation is Dr. Robert A. Lane, Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences in the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology at Sam Houston State University. Lone Star Olive Ranch had the distinct pleasure of consulting with Professor Lane on installation of the Gibbs Ranch orchard from the ground up, beginning in 2014/2015. Actual planting at the…

  By:  TexasOlives We hope you will find the following information useful as you ponder the possibilities of your very own olive orchard.  We are available to help you every step of the way.  Feel free to contact us by phone at 832.445.4130 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Considerations What’s the long term vision & goal? Site selection (climate & soil conditions) Tree selection You know you want an olive orchard, but do you know why and what the long term plan looks like? We recommend serious thought go toward: Why you want to plant olive trees? Commercial / Artisan…

Lone Star Olive Ranch would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and extend our heartfelt thanks and respect to all our members of the military, both past and present. Thank you for keeping us safe!!

There are many unique aspects associated with growing olives in Texas - here is just one more. This is a photo of a beautiful Arbequina tree (it even has olives on it) that has had its roots exposed by a grub seeking armadillo. Is it any wonder that the California olive growers don't understand us??? Although we are NOT happy with our little friend, it gives us a really good opportunity to show folks how the olive trees roots. As you can see, the roots are growing mostly horizonally. Olive trees spread their roots out more than down. Most olive…

By: Lisa RichardsAccording to the Abrahamic religions, Noah sent out three doves at seven-day intervals after the Flood to see whether the water had receded yet. When the third dove didn’t return, he knew that there was dry land and they wouldn’t have to stay on the Ark for much longer. It’s significant however that the second dove came back with a branch, indicating that there were some treetops poking out above the surface of the water and that the water level was definitely dropping. The branch that the bird brought back to the Ark was from an olive tree.…
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Texas Mobile Mill is a full service, mobile, olive processing unit with the capacity to crush 2 tons of olives per hour. Olives pressed on-site means better quality olive oil because the fruit is milled immediately after picking and by an experienced and seasoned miller.  Ready to mill?  Contact Texas Mobile Mill now!

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As you know, we had a hard freeze the first… Read more...
  By:  TexasOlives We hope you will find the following… Read more...
Lone Star Olive Ranch would like to wish everyone a… Read more...
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