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Arbequina A highly adaptable, cold hardy, and medium vigor. At maturity the tree stands approximately 12-15 feet tall. It is an early producer with fruit bearing around year two or three. The fruit is dual purpose, which means it can be used for table olives or olive oil. We like it best for pressing as the fruit has a high oil content and the flavor of the oil is fresh, sweet and slightly fruity.


Frantoio Another classic Tuscan, which is often grown with and blended with Leccino. Fruit size is medium and oil content is medium-high. Flavor is robust, fragrant and fruity, stability is high. Production is high and constant. The tree boasts stunning, glossy dark green leaves, a dense canopy and beautifully weeping branches.
Leccino A classic Tuscan variety, with medium sized fruit, and medium to high oil content. The flavor profile is mild and slightly fruity. Fruits can also be cured as black table fruit. The trees are beautiful and vigorous, with a fairly broad canopy and lush pendulous branching.
Pendolino Also originating in Tuscany, the variety is vital as a pollinator for the Tuscan, and many other Italian varieties. It is highly productive of small fruit with a high oil content, and mild flavor profile. The tree canopy is dense with weeping branches and softly hued, grey-green leaves.


Koroneiki Adaptable, medium vigor, with a low tolerance for cold regions. At maturity the tree stands approximately 12-15 feet tall. It is an early producer with fruit bearing around year two or three. The fruit is dual purpose, which means it can be used for table olives or olive oil. The oil produced from its fruit is pungent, earthy, and has a nice kick of spice.


Mission A variety specific to the U.S. originating and adapting into a variety all its own from trees brought to North America by Spanish monks in the 1700s. The medium sized fruit can be used for table and oil, with a high oil content, and lovely flavor profile and quality. Considered to be a hardy variety with medium production. Can grow to be upwards of 30 ft.

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Texas Mobile Mill is a full service, mobile, olive processing unit with the capacity to crush 2 tons of olives per hour. Olives pressed on-site means better quality olive oil because the fruit is milled immediately after picking and by an experienced and seasoned miller.  Ready to mill?  Contact Texas Mobile Mill now!

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    At Lone Star Olive Ranch our team works to create Texas Artistry in Agriculture™.  We are inspired by what we do and we are motivated to achieve extraordinary things.  We want to share our love of Texas and the health benefits of Texas olive oil by offering exceptional products such as our olive tree offerings in the nursery, our delicious extra virgin olive oils, and our handcrafted, organic artisan body care products. 

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    Lone Star Olive Ranch Nursery is an olive tree exclusive nursery.  We carefully select varietals that will thrive in Texas as well as other regions of the United States.  Our nursery stock is ever expanding with olive trees originating from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and the United States


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    Great customer experiences begin with appreciation, value and respect for each of our clients. That's what you can expect at Lone Star Olive Ranch, where we have created a culture of excellence and continuous improvement through education and experience. Our Team shares our passion for farming and cultivating Texas Olives. We believe this collective labor of love comes through in every aspect of our business – from our Texas Olive Orchard to our Texas Olive Oil and olive related products to our Texas Olive Orchard Installation and Management Services. We hear you and we work with you as a member of our Team.