There is no mystery to cultivating olives.  It's about staying involved, on-going education, good management practices and standards and A LOT of hard work.  I've said it before and I'll say it again right here for all to see, if you must be in 100% control, farming is likely not for you.  Even when we do everything right, Mother Nature rules.  My words of advice, for what they are worth: Be involved, get involved, stay involved.  Absorb, absorb, absorb and then make it happen in your field.  Inevitably you will have to tweak what you learned because this is farming.  We all have different soil, weather patterns, disease or pest pressures and challenges. 

That said, we've put together some resources for you and we hope you find them to be beneficial.  Best to all!

Texas Association of Olive Oil

The International Olive Oil Council 

The California Olive Oil Council 

North American Olive Oil Association

Olive Oil Source

Extra Virgin Allian

UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 

Applied Sensory LLC

Other Resources:

Isotek Laboratories, LLC
5225 N.W. 5th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
(405) 948-8889
Olive Oil Analysis

Texas Olive Buyers

Sandy Winokaur
Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard

Texas Mobile Mill
Christine McCabe

Label Designer and Printer:

BAH Design
Neely Ashmun
500 E. 53rd street, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 419-9300

(Full service designer and printer for your bottle labels. Also does advertising and web design)

Storage containers

Global Industries

(All size and quantity of barrels, containers and material handling for your extra virgin olive oil)

shop our trees

Texas Mobile Mill is a full service, mobile, olive processing unit with the capacity to crush 2 tons of olives per hour. Olives pressed on-site means better quality olive oil because the fruit is milled immediately after picking and by an experienced and seasoned miller.  Ready to mill?  Contact Texas Mobile Mill now!

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